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Whether kick-starting your project using our Framework technologies or creating a de-novo process, we drive your development project covering viral vectors, bionanoparticles and biologics.



A powerful tool to combat evolving threats and safeguard communities.

Vaccines are indispensable for preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases, mitigating their severity, saving lives, promoting public health, and fighting pandemics.

Their use not only protects individuals and communities by building immunity, but also alleviates healthcare burden and contributes to global well-being.

We are your process development partner for swift, high-quality vaccine production amid global health challenges.

In the wake of emerging diseases, rapid and cost-effective vaccine production processes are vital to ensure timely delivery to market and to guarantee widespread access, particularly for underserved populations.

bespark*bio’s Frameworks are cutting-edge manufacturing processes, applicable for producing a wide range of viral vectors, bionanoparticles and biologics. They serve as advanced launch pads for bespoke process development for your vaccine candidate, ensuring high yield and low Cost of Goods, enabling scalability, and optimizing resource utilization.



Precision medicine for effective cancer treatment.

Oncolytic viruses efficiently transport antigens, cytokines, or checkpoint inhibitors to induce a potent and targeted immune response against tumors, highlighting their potential in advancing immuno-oncology.

Biologics provide precise targeting and potent anti-cancer activity, offering improved outcomes and minimized side effects, while bionanoparticles such as VLPs and exosomes represent next generation biopharmaceuticals for immunotherapy.


Our process development solutions harness the power of NOVEL BIOTHERAPEUTICs to effectively combat cancer.

Consistent production processes of high-quality viruses at scale are paramount for delivering safe and potent oncolytic virus-based treatments to patients, maximizing therapeutic efficacy, and minimizing potential risks.

Using our Immuno-Oncology Framework as advanced foundation for creating your tailored process accelerates your product development, at the same time reducing development cost and ensuring that regulatory standards are met.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & Gene Therapy

A revolutionary force in transforming medicine.

Recent technological advancements have ushered in innovative solutions for life-threatening diseases.

Cell and Gene Therapies, groundbreaking medical approaches, modify genes to treat or prevent diseases. This involves replacing disease-causing genes, deactivating malfunctioning genes, or introducing new genes by means of viral vectors or CAR-T cells.

Originally for rare diseases, these therapies are now expanding to address the rising prevalence of cancer, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases.

We will solve bottlenecks of current approaches in Gene Therapy.

Gene Therapy manufacturing processes are both time-consuming and costly, with challenges related to yield, purification, scalability, and quality control posing barriers to widespread clinical application.

bespark*bio aims to overcome these obstacles by introducing an innovative AAV production technology. This groundbreaking approach comprises a novel and highly efficient vector system, seamlessly integrated with a high-yield manufacturing process. The Gene Therapy Framework, currently in development, is set to launch in 2026, promising significant advantages for developers working with bespark*bio.

Until then? No worries, we apply our development approach and expertise to framework-independent de novo process development projects.